Clay Covered Journal

As I was looking for my next protect I found an old journal I was planning on covering in clay. I hadn’t gotten around to it. Mostly because I was afraid of messing it up.

At the time I purchased it I couldn’t find any tutorials on how I should go about doing it. Was it better to bake the clay and cover together? Or should I bake the clay and glue it on after? Thanks to YouTube I was able to find a couple of tutorials and really just get the gist of how I wanted to go about it. Below are the ones I used:

This one was a good  start. She cut out pieces of clay and glued them on.

This was another “glue on” project. A little bit closer to what I was looking for as I wanted to cover the whole thing.

Then I hit the jack pot. This was exactly what I was looking for. She even used the same type of note book! There were no instructions to follow, but she recorded the complete steps  which were very helpful to follow.

Following these tutorials I cam up with my own design.





I finnished the inside with some scrapbook paper I had layng around


Tutorials are the best!

Oh Internet! How i love your free tutorials.

Thanks to Pinterest I can keep them all in one place. I am a Pinterest junky (like I think a lot of people are these days).

Check out my Pinterest page here: you can see evidence of my crafting A.D.D.

I sometimes feel sorry for my non crafty followers (I pin a lot of tutorials). That was until I realized they could just un follow my crafty board. Now I Pin to my hearts content.

Since my pledge to use up as many supplies as I can , I have been on a tutorial hunt. I can be as creative as the next person, but sometimes you just need a little creative injection. Tutorials are the best! They give you the basics to something that you may not have realized and give you the tools to morph it to your own style.

I found this beautiful tutorial by MyManderinDucky:

It just so happened that I had some Black Polymer Clay and some mica powders. I went ahead and made:


I loved it so much I made another one:


And I will probably continue making them.

Thanks to all those people who create and share their tutorials I really appreciate it!

If anyone has any great tutorials they can suggest I would be more then happy to accept them 😉 Just leave them in a comment below.