Wearable WaterColours

I love the soft look of watercolours. The paints flow so beautifully.

I picked up some watercolour paper a few years ago and fully planed on learning how to paint with it. Unfortunately I am not much of a drawer/painter and I couldn’t really get the hang of it. I did end up playing with a few techniques. Just letting the paint and water flow together makes a lovely picture all on it’s own. Throw on a little salt while it’s wet and you have something like this


Very pretty, but not really something people would hang on their walls.

I had been looking into making paper jewelry out of some scrapbook paper I had laying around and as I looked into it more, I found that I could also make jewelry out of watercolour paper. BINGO! Project acquired. So I set to work.

I cut identical shapes out of the unused paper. I went with some fairly large ovals to make sure they would show enough of the design. these ones are about an inch and a half high.


I decided that 3 layers should be thick enough for the bones of the earring I was going to make. They would be sturdy yet still light


I glued the first 2 of the ovals together with regular white acid free glue, and shaped them over a bottle to curve slightly. Once the first layer was dry I cut off a piece of thick wire and sandwiched it between another oval to create a loop the earring hook attaches to.

While I waited for that to dry I took a piece of painted watercolour paper to cut into ovals. It was a little heartbreaking to cut up my art, but I convinced myself that the jewelry I would be making was a more practical use for it. It was just sitting in a drawer after all.

The paper looked a little plain so I got out my stamps and painted them with black watercolor and stamped over my dry paint.



I picked the best places on the paper and cut out a bunch of ovals


These ones didn’t quite match up… but you get the idea

Now to glue the top layer to the reset of the piece and voila I had some pretty Watercolour earring


To finish the pieces up I sanded the edges to smooth them out and painted the back and sides with black watercolor. I used some super glue to secure the earring loop and then glazed the whole thing with a varnish to protect them from water.

I did try a couple experiments as I was putting my earrings together. Cutting 4 pieces of unpainted watercolour paper for each earring and painting the top layers of the ovals separately works pretty well.Heresi an example with no stamped image


I got a pretty symmetrical design on both of them using this method.

I liked the look of the watercolour stamp, but for the more detailed stamps it didn’t really work to well. Digging around in my stamp drawer I found some Memento Dye Ink to try.


I was able to get a nice crisp image with the ink. And the best part is when I painted the varnish over the top it didn’t run at all! With the watercolour stamp I got a little bit of smearing when I brushed over it.

So there you have it, just the basics of some of the earrings I have been creating. If you want to see more, check out my Shoreline Design PEI Etsy shop: https://www.etsy.com/shop/PEIShoreLineDesign?ref=si_shop

There are a few of the first batch of earring I had made. If anyone is interested I can add my newer designs


My favorite pair. They remind me of a sunrise/sunset  on a field of flowers.


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