Wearable WaterColours

I love the soft look of watercolours. The paints flow so beautifully.

I picked up some watercolour paper a few years ago and fully planed on learning how to paint with it. Unfortunately I am not much of a drawer/painter and I couldn’t really get the hang of it. I did end up playing with a few techniques. Just letting the paint and water flow together makes a lovely picture all on it’s own. Throw on a little salt while it’s wet and you have something like this


Very pretty, but not really something people would hang on their walls.

I had been looking into making paper jewelry out of some scrapbook paper I had laying around and as I looked into it more, I found that I could also make jewelry out of watercolour paper. BINGO! Project acquired. So I set to work.

I cut identical shapes out of the unused paper. I went with some fairly large ovals to make sure they would show enough of the design. these ones are about an inch and a half high.


I decided that 3 layers should be thick enough for the bones of the earring I was going to make. They would be sturdy yet still light


I glued the first 2 of the ovals together with regular white acid free glue, and shaped them over a bottle to curve slightly. Once the first layer was dry I cut off a piece of thick wire and sandwiched it between another oval to create a loop the earring hook attaches to.

While I waited for that to dry I took a piece of painted watercolour paper to cut into ovals. It was a little heartbreaking to cut up my art, but I convinced myself that the jewelry I would be making was a more practical use for it. It was just sitting in a drawer after all.

The paper looked a little plain so I got out my stamps and painted them with black watercolor and stamped over my dry paint.



I picked the best places on the paper and cut out a bunch of ovals


These ones didn’t quite match up… but you get the idea

Now to glue the top layer to the reset of the piece and voila I had some pretty Watercolour earring


To finish the pieces up I sanded the edges to smooth them out and painted the back and sides with black watercolor. I used some super glue to secure the earring loop and then glazed the whole thing with a varnish to protect them from water.

I did try a couple experiments as I was putting my earrings together. Cutting 4 pieces of unpainted watercolour paper for each earring and painting the top layers of the ovals separately works pretty well.Heresi an example with no stamped image


I got a pretty symmetrical design on both of them using this method.

I liked the look of the watercolour stamp, but for the more detailed stamps it didn’t really work to well. Digging around in my stamp drawer I found some Memento Dye Ink to try.


I was able to get a nice crisp image with the ink. And the best part is when I painted the varnish over the top it didn’t run at all! With the watercolour stamp I got a little bit of smearing when I brushed over it.

So there you have it, just the basics of some of the earrings I have been creating. If you want to see more, check out my Shoreline Design PEI Etsy shop: https://www.etsy.com/shop/PEIShoreLineDesign?ref=si_shop

There are a few of the first batch of earring I had made. If anyone is interested I can add my newer designs


My favorite pair. They remind me of a sunrise/sunset  on a field of flowers.


Clay Covered Journal

As I was looking for my next protect I found an old journal I was planning on covering in clay. I hadn’t gotten around to it. Mostly because I was afraid of messing it up.

At the time I purchased it I couldn’t find any tutorials on how I should go about doing it. Was it better to bake the clay and cover together? Or should I bake the clay and glue it on after? Thanks to YouTube I was able to find a couple of tutorials and really just get the gist of how I wanted to go about it. Below are the ones I used:

This one was a good  start. She cut out pieces of clay and glued them on.

This was another “glue on” project. A little bit closer to what I was looking for as I wanted to cover the whole thing.

Then I hit the jack pot. This was exactly what I was looking for. She even used the same type of note book! There were no instructions to follow, but she recorded the complete steps  which were very helpful to follow.

Following these tutorials I cam up with my own design.





I finnished the inside with some scrapbook paper I had layng around

Tutorials are the best!

Oh Internet! How i love your free tutorials.

Thanks to Pinterest I can keep them all in one place. I am a Pinterest junky (like I think a lot of people are these days).

Check out my Pinterest page here: http://www.pinterest.com/heresjocelyn/ you can see evidence of my crafting A.D.D.

I sometimes feel sorry for my non crafty followers (I pin a lot of tutorials). That was until I realized they could just un follow my crafty board. Now I Pin to my hearts content.

Since my pledge to use up as many supplies as I can , I have been on a tutorial hunt. I can be as creative as the next person, but sometimes you just need a little creative injection. Tutorials are the best! They give you the basics to something that you may not have realized and give you the tools to morph it to your own style.

I found this beautiful tutorial by MyManderinDucky:

It just so happened that I had some Black Polymer Clay and some mica powders. I went ahead and made:


I loved it so much I made another one:


And I will probably continue making them.

Thanks to all those people who create and share their tutorials I really appreciate it!

If anyone has any great tutorials they can suggest I would be more then happy to accept them 😉 Just leave them in a comment below.